Community Psychiatric Support (CPST)

CPST is a case management program for Medicaid-eligible children and adults. CPST provides services in the home, community and school and serves as an extra support to outpatient counseling and medication management services. The goal of CPST is to assist our clients in becoming as independent as possible. We use an evidence-based CPST model that encourages personal responsibility and development of skills to help the client take control of his or her life, rather than depending upon systems and agencies. We believe in a workable partnership between the client, our case workers and the community. We are strength-based and believe that the development of a positive self-image and a stable living situation is critical to long-term symptom management and personal happiness. An individual will be assigned a clinical provider who will provide counseling services, and manage the case management services. The client will work directly with the case worker to identify individualized and personal goals and community resources.

CPST for Adults (21+):

* can help with accessing community resources and benefits like Social Security, food banks, housing, transportation services and government agencies

* provide assistance in finding medical, social, educational, spiritual, and other services needed.

* provide behavioral and emotional support for managing mental health symptoms, as well as parenting support for those with children experiencing emotional difficulties

* link clients with courts, government meetings and specialist appointments.

CPST for Children (5-20)

We offer case management services for children with difficult-to-treat emotional, behavioral and/or developmental disorders. CPST can assist with assessing the child and family’s needs and find resources required to address those needs. We work closely with schools and families to make sure the child has all the supports in place to help him or her become successful. We attend school meetings with parents and their child and assist with IEP development, advocacy, and support, based upon the child’s educational, emotional, developmental and/or social needs. CPST monitors the child’s progress at home, school and in the community. We help parents develop specific behavior plans to reduce problem behaviors and we work closely specialists like neurologists, occupational and physical therapists, medical staff, teachers and school administrators to make sure the child has the best and most complete treatment team possible.